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EAW MK5364 White 15” 2-Way Install Speaker Shown in Black

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EAW EAW MK5364 White 15 2-Way Install Speaker
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EAW MK5364i White
EAW MK5364 White


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EAW MK5364 White 15" 2-Way Install Speaker
EAW 15 Inch LF, 3" Dia HF, 2-Way Loudspeaker 60 X 40 Horn with Premium Drivers, White
  • 60° x 45° nominal beamwidth
  • 15 inch LF woofer, 3 inch voice coil HF compression driver
  • User-selectable single-amp or bi-amp operation
  • Rotatable HF horn provides mounting options
  • Large format transducers provide high output capability


The MK5364 is a 2-way, high output, trapezoidal loudspeaker designed as main PA for smaller venues, including houses of worship, auditoriums/theaters, A/V systems, hotel ballrooms, and meeting rooms. It is also ideal for distributed or fill purposes in larger venues, including houses of worship, auditorium/theaters, arenas, stadiums, nightclubs, and themed-entertainment complexes.

To meet the design goals for the intended applications, EAW engineers developed a new, high performance, 3-inch voice coil, compression driver mating it to a 60° x 45° HF horn. The horn is as large as the enclosure size allows to maintain consistent directivity throughout the HF passband. A 4-inch voice coil, 15 inch LF driver was designed to complement the sonic character and output of the HF driver. All MK5300 models are carefully voiced to sound similar, permitting diverse horn patterns to be mixed throughout an installation while maintaining the same sonic quality. The results are cleaner, usable, high-fidelity output to significantly higher levels than is normally expected from loudspeakers of this size and price.

Single-amp and bi-amp operating modes are user-selectable. In single-amp mode, the beamwidth-matching passive crossover is designed for even power response through crossover, low power losses, and high power handling. In bi-amp mode a digital signal processor (DSP) is required, providing sophisticated processing to maximize performance.

Foam-backed grilles hide the drivers from view for pleasing aesthetics. Thirteen mounting points allow the enclosure to be mounted in virtually any configuration. Additional mounting points mate with OmniMount® 120.0 Series or similar brackets. Standard colors are black and white. Other colors can be specified as a special order items.

The MK5300 are the larger companions to the MK2300 Series loudspeakers. Enclosures for both series are the same height facilitating installation where more than one horn pattern and/or type of loudspeaker capability is needed.


The MK Series can be used for many types of installations including, but not limited to, Houses of Worship, Auditoriums/Theatres, A/V Systems, Ballrooms, Gymnasiums, Night Clubs, Arenas, and many others.