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Lowell RPC-1 Remote Power Control Module 6 Foot Cord

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Lowell RPC-1 Remote Power Control Module
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Lowell RPC-1 Remote Power Control Module

Lowell RPC-1 Series UL Listed remote power controls  provide a rackmount or with one or more RPC-1 controls activated. RPC-1 controls are also a key and power supply and relay feature a 15-amp duplex combined with a variety of switches, modules, and/or sequential control devices versatile low-voltage method of turning specific equipment on and off from a remote location. The ability to safely control AC power distribution without directly accessing equipment minimizes the potential for accidental or unauthorized system modifications, adjustments, or vandalism. System integration applications include commercial, educational, entertainment, government, and religious facilities where remote power control is required. RPC-1 controls are typically installed in the rear of an equipment cabinet, in close proximity to the equipment that is to be remotely switched. Low-voltage, 3-conductor cable is then run from the RPC-1 terminal strip to a control switch such as Lowell wall switch Model RPSW-P panel switch Model RPSB-R. Systems may also be configured with multiple RPC-1 controls activated by a single switch by multiple switches component in Lowell's modular sequential control systems for installations where equipment must be activated in a time/delay sequence.


Each RPC-1 assembly includes with selection of outlet and termination styles to meet application needs. All models are housed in a 7.5"L x 3.25"W x 2.75"H steel chassis finished in black powder epoxy. Assemblies are UL Listed under Standard 813.


RPC-1 includes a six foot cord;


Download Lower RPC-1 Data Sheet