Ashly IS3.8P, 8 x 3" Passive Dual-Z Focused Directivity Column Speaker, Black

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Manufacturer Part #:  IS3.8P

Ashly IS 3.8P 8 x 3" Passive Dual-Z Focused Directivity Column Speaker (SINGLE Black)

With their linear array configuration the IS Series delivers tight controlled vertical dispersion with a long throw angle and ultra-wide horizontal dispersion. Consistent front-back and side-to-side coverage helps everyone hear the same thing no matter their position. More listeners on the far left and right in a ballroom church municipal facility or wedding venue can hear the spoken word better. Live or DJ music in a restaurant or bar is more immersive and less directional. Every seat is the best seat in the house!

IS Series speakers sound great right out of the box. But using them with Ashly amps and DSP makes their performance even more amazing!

Advanced DSP voice presets (available for free from the Ashly website) for both Protêa and AquaControl™ DSP-equipped amps provide sophisticated processing (PEQ HPF/LPF FIR filters X-Over and Delay) to deliver optimal performance for a variety of venues by providing flat frequency response across the listening area without the need for complicated and time-consuming manual adjustments.

Ashly IS speakers feature aluminum alloy chassis’ with detachable metal grilles making them suitable for punishing portable applications as well as installs. Available in black or white each SKU comes with surface mount “J” brackets. Joiners tilt-swivel brackets extension pole and tripod are available. Their sleek low-profile design will satisfy picky architects. IS’s are a perfect match with our SP12.1P 12” subwoofer.

IS-3.8P Column Speaker Architect & Engineering Specs

The speaker shall be comprised of 8 x 3" full-range neodymium drivers in a linear array configuration housed in an extruded aluminum enclosure with a perforated steel/cloth-backed front grille. The speaker's rear panel shall have dual Speakon NL4 inputs as well as a 4-pole removeable Euroblock connector all running in parallel allowing for easy daisy-chaining of additional speakers. There shall also be an impedance switch allowing selection of either 8 Ohm or 32 Ohm operation. The 32 Ohm setting may be used when connecting muliple speakers to a single low-impedence amplifier without the need for transformers and wthout loading down the amp. There shall be screw bolts on the rear to accomodate several mounting options and a 1 3/4" recessed hole on the bottom of the enclosure for pole or tripod mounting. The enclousure shall measure 31.77" H x 4.06" W x 5.12" D and have a net weight of 12.8 lbs.

The speaker shall be capable of handling 240W of continuous power and has a sensitivity of 95dB (1W@1m). The speaker shall be capable of producing a max SPL of 125dB and will have a frequency response of 105Hz – 19kHz (-10dB). The speaker shall have a horizontal dispersion of 170 degrees and a vertical dispersion of 25 degrees.

The speaker's frequency response may be further enhanced when used with specially-tailored DSP presets for Protea or AquaControl-equipped amps and processors. The speaker shall be sold individually and packaged with flush wall-mount brackets. The speaker shall be available in either black or white finish The speaker shall be called the Ashly IS-3.8P (black) or the IS-3.8PW (white)

Optional mounts shall be:

  • IS-TWMB Tilt Wall-mount which provides a 15 degrees vertical tilt and +/- 90 degree horizontal swing
  • IS-JP2B Joining Plate used for bracing two IS-2.8P in a stacked configuration
  • IS-PM6B 6' Pole Mount (used with SP-12.1P subwoofer)
  • IS-TR7B 7' Tripod Stand

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Manufacturer:Ashly Audio, Inc.


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SKU:  ae00-159271^ASH IS3.8P
Manufacturer Part #:  IS3.8P
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