Leprecon LPC-V3 Lighting Console, 48 Fader, Encoders, Wireless

SKU:  ae00-198517
Manufacturer Part #:  90-09-1925

Leprecon LPC-V3 48 Fader Console Encoders Wireless no monitor

  • Hands on Fader Control for Fast Easy Operation
  • Conventional Moving Light and LED Fixture Control
  • Three Front Panel Encoders for Setting Fixture Parameters
  • One Powerful Easy to Use - User Interface for all Consoles
  • Designed and Built in the USA
  • VGA monitor required touchscreen optional.
  • Ships with power cord vinyl cover and 2-12" 4 pin XLR right angle Littlite® brand gooseneck lamps.

Leprecon Version III LPC-48V with encoders is an affordable lighting console designed for small to medium lighting systems. Using a VGA monitor or touchscreen the console easily controls LED fixtures Moving Light fixtures and conventional dimmers using faders. Use the LPC console's six "Quick Looks" for bringing up work lights or setting a look with the push of a button.

The new Version III LPC-48V features three front panel encoders for setting color beam and position parameters in addition to many other functions Version 3 software features an enhanced programming interface for easier recording and supports DMX over Ethernet using the universal Art-Net protocol.

The easy learning curve makes it perfect for volunteers students and professionals.

  • Preset Mode: 24/48 faders 24/48 submasters or 48/96 single scene faders
  • 24 or 48 Submasters x 20 pages for 480 or 960 total Submasters
  • Two Scene Mode: 24/48 faders per scene with Manual crossfader
  • Front panel encoders for setting LED and automated fixture parameters
  • Bump modes include: Solo Add and Latch w/fade
  • 6 "Quick Looks" button playbacks with fade times
  • Cue Stack with 1000 cues
  • 512 board channels (48/96 faders 464/416 virtual)
  • Two DMX-512 outputs using 5 pin XLR connectors
  • 2048 DMX channels via Art-Net over Ethernet
  • Supports one VGA monitor
  • Support for 15" or 19" ELO Touchscreen monitor

Software features:

  • Easy to use Graphic User Interface for programming Submasters Cues Chases
  • "Preview" in Run mode for inspecting and editing Cues and Submasters
  • Color Beam and Position labels for automated fixture and LED control
  • Individual fade times for Color Beam and Position
  • Color Mixer control for RGB/CMY fixtures
  • Effects Generator for Color Beam and Position of ML and LED fixtures
  • Built-in extensive ML & LED fixture library
  • Off-line editor available for any Windows platform
  • Littlite® dimmer supports LED or incandescent work lamps


  • VGA Output
  • 2 Ethernet ports (1 port dedicated to Art-Net)
  • 2 - 5 pin XLR DMX out connectors
  • 2 - 4 pin XLR for Littlite® work lamps - included
  • 3 USB connectors
  • Universal AC Power 100-240V with IEC power cord
  • Optional built in wireless DMX transmitter compatible with W-DMX

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Manufacturer Part #:  90-09-1925
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