Leprecon LPC-V3 Lighting Console, 48 Fader, Encoders, with 19" Touch Screen

SKU:  ae00-198518
Manufacturer Part #:  90-09-1951

Leprecon LPC-V3 48 Fader Console Encoders with 19" Touch Screen

  • Hands on Fader Control for Fast Easy Operation
  • Conventional Moving Light and LED Fixture Control
  • Three Front Panel Encoders for Setting Fixture Parameters
  • One Powerful Easy to Use - User Interface for all Consoles
  • Designed and Built in the USA
  • VGA monitor required touchscreen optional.
  • Ships with power cord vinyl cover and 2-12" 4 pin XLR right angle Littlite® brand gooseneck lamps.

Leprecon Version III LPC-48V with encoders is an affordable lighting console designed for small to medium lighting systems. Using a VGA monitor or touchscreen the console easily controls LED fixtures Moving Light fixtures and conventional dimmers using faders. Use the LPC console's six "Quick Looks" for bringing up work lights or setting a look with the push of a button.

The new Version III LPC-48V features three front panel encoders for setting color beam and position parameters in addition to many other functions Version 3 software features an enhanced programming interface for easier recording and supports DMX over Ethernet using the universal Art-Net protocol.

The easy learning curve makes it perfect for volunteers students and professionals.

  • Preset Mode: 24/48 faders 24/48 submasters or 48/96 single scene faders
  • 24 or 48 Submasters x 20 pages for 480 or 960 total Submasters
  • Two Scene Mode: 24/48 faders per scene with Manual crossfader
  • Front panel encoders for setting LED and automated fixture parameters
  • Bump modes include: Solo Add and Latch w/fade
  • 6 Quick Looks button playbacks with fade times
  • Cue Stack with 1000 cues
  • 512 board channels (48/96 faders 464/416 virtual)
  • Two DMX-512 outputs using 5 pin XLR connectors
  • 2048 DMX channels via Art-Net over Ethernet
  • Supports one VGA monitor
  • Support for 15" or 19" ELO Touchscreen monitor

Software features:

  • Easy to use Graphic User Interface for programming Submasters Cues Chases
  • "Preview" in Run mode for inspecting and editing Cues and Submasters
  • Color Beam and Position labels for automated fixture and LED control
  • Individual fade times for Color Beam and Position
  • Color Mixer control for RGB/CMY fixtures
  • Effects Generator for Color Beam and Position of ML and LED fixtures
  • Built-in extensive ML & LED fixture library
  • Off-line editor available for any Windows platform
  • Littlite® dimmer supports LED or incandescent work lamps


  • VGA Output
  • 2 Ethernet ports (1 port dedicated to Art-Net)
  • 2 - 5 pin XLR DMX out connectors
  • 2 - 4 pin XLR for Littlite® work lamps - included
  • 3 USB connectors
  • Universal AC Power 100-240V with IEC power cord
  • Optional built in wireless DMX transmitter compatible with W-DMX

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Manufacturer Part #:  90-09-1951
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