Leprecon LP-1524-DMX, 24 Channel Lighting Console

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Leprecon LP-1524-DMX 24 Channel Lighting Console

The Leprecon LP-1500 series consoles offer the ease of a manual console with the sophistication of a memory console. Available with 24 36 or 48 faders this series will store up to 576 fader presets. Cue stack allows up to 288 with point cues with crossfader and "œGo Button" with up/down fade times. Chase memory includes four programmed and seven programmable patterns of up to 20 steps. Standard control output includes DMX and MIDI with optional Analog available. Includes Littlite work lamp.

The LP-1500 was designed to fill a unique space in the market. The intention was to build a simple yet very powerful desk for use in a wide variety of applications. The board must be usable with zero training for the rental market yet the needs of a sophisticated owner in a theatre or club setting.

The approach taken with the design and layout of the board is similar to the approach used with the LP-2000 and Cue Plus options.

The basic board operations are simple and effects can be turned on and used as time and experience allows. The result is that the LP-1500 consists of four independent sections.

The first is a basic two-scene console. Using the dipless crossfader scenes are alternated between the two manual presets. Bump buttons and led indicators make the LP-1500 very capable even in this non-memory mode of use.

The next step is to use the Preset Master feature of the board. Setting the Y / Presets switch to the Presets position will convert the lower scene to a bank of independent scenes with 12 pages of memory. This is the memory mode most useful for live music or any show that requires maximum cue changes with minimum setup time.

For more memory or running a theatrical type of presentation the Cue Stack can be activated. This provides automatic timed fades with manual override and link/loop possibilities. Also cues can be inserted to give "œpoint cues" a very powerful feature in a board of this type.

The fourth control section is the Chaser. It is used to build free running patterns or sequences. For simplicity of operation pre-recorded patterns are included as well as the capability to program custom patterns.

A two line 16 character display and a rotating data wheel is used in all operational modes to display and edit board parameters. The operation of the board is intended to be logical and consistent regardless of operating modes. In all cases control screens will consist of a top title line which is a display-only field. The cursor will move laterally only across the bottom line of the display. The data wheel is used to move left and right through a linear row of screens. When a parameter is in view the Modify button next to the display can be used to alter the displayed value.

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