Ashly AW3.2P, 3" 2-Way Surface-Mount Black Speakers, Pair

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Manufacturer Part #:  AW3.2P

Ashly AW3.2P 3" Passive 2-Way All Weather Speaker, Sold & Priced per Pair (mounting kit inc'l)

We designed our AW Series to match or exceed the performance of more expensive on-wall speakers…yet at a price point that can contribute to a winning bidand a satisfied customer. Here’s how.For this type of speaker music and speech are equally important.Both rely on a large “sweet spot” and off-axis intelligibility.Many speakers strive only for ON-axis frequency response and pay too little attention to OFF-axis system response.

Directivity Optimized Crossover a new proprietary approach to crossover design significantly improves vertical axis response. More listeners on the extreme left and right can hear the spoken word better.Music in a restaurant or bar is more immersive and less directional. DOC avoids the lock-step “studio monitor” configuration that is less than optimal for longer-throw applications and creates a wider sweet spot that is perfect for speech throughout a room patio or bar area.

While AW speakers provide ample performance on their own Ashly’s powerful easy-to-use ProtÄ“a and AquaControl™ DSP systems give you the opportunity to apply advanced EQ FIRs further X-over refinements and delay to AW speakers providing a wider flatter frequency response across the coverage angle. These free downloadable presets give Ashly DSP processor units and processor-equipped amps the ability to realize the best possible sound without needing to manually adjust for any frequency response anomalies that might otherwise produce less than optimal results.

The world doesn’t need another brand of ordinary wall-mount speakers. That’s why we developed a line with unique features and performance. Now you can spec an all-Ashly system with quality speakers that make beautiful music with our amplifiers and processors that feature ProtÄ“a and AquaControl™…and of course a range of wall controllers.

Ashly AW speakers are made from high-impact-resistant resin with detachable metal grilles. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with IP52 (dripping water @ 15Ëš) or IP54 (splash at any angle).All four models come with tilt / swivel brackets and 2-way models come with safety tethers with safety cord and are also surface mountable.

SE Systems handles the full line of Ashly Audio products. Please contact our showroom to inquire about pricing or to order products. 1-800-662-1312

Manufacturer:Ashly Audio, Inc.


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SKU:  ae00-159240^ASH AW3.2P
Manufacturer Part #:  AW3.2P
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