SKU:  ae00-224503
Manufacturer Part #:  SS-CDR250N

The Tascam SS-CDR250N is a two-channel recorder/player for network applications with a variety of remote control options. An FTP client function is included – enabling the automatic uploading and downloading of recorded files.

The TASCAM models SS-R250N and SS-CDR250N are the ideal SD card recorder/players having a variety of features with extensive terminal equipment applications and business applications. An FTP client function is added which enables the exchanges of sound source data with others via server communication. You can also keep the starting time accurate for recording and playback based on time management via SNTP. The remote control with the dedicated app on a iOS/Android device and the mic inputs are also available on the unit which allows you to use in many ways with flexibility.

FTP Client function enables automatic uploading of recorded files or downloading audio files from the server

The unit is equipped with a LAN terminal so you can have a network connection. When using as an FTP client you can upload recorded files from the SS-CDR250N / SS-R250N side or download sound files from the server. Since the unit is also act as an FTP server you can also upload / download from the PC side. Without having to physically exchange SD cards this is a safer and more convenient file management system.

Event List for recording playback download and other functions can be operated automatically based on the time set

The Event List function has auto-play feature for audio files such background music and announcements –useful in retail stores and restaurants. Utilize the event lists for scheduled recording playback downloading and other events. By combining playback events with download events audio files can be automatically retrieved from a server for playback. The function also enable centralized file management from a corporate headquarters to multiple locations -perfect for playing files simultaneously in chain stores.

Time setting via SNTP Client function enables event management with more accuracy

An event list plays based on the time you set. The SNTP Client function enables you to obtain time information regularly from the server in order to keep time accurate.

Automatic Upload function enables recorded files to be uploaded automatically

After recording the recorded data can be automatically uploaded to the specified server. You can archive recorded data without extra time-consuming work. Meetings or lectures on regular basis can be recorded and uploaded automatically for file archive. Since the file uploading takes place in the background so it does not disturb your recording/playback work.

iOS / Android control apps available: allowing transport operations and remote control of various settings

When the SS-R250N / SS-CDR250N main unit is connected to the same network as iOS / Android mobile device you are able to remote control these devices with the dedicated app. Settings for every function such as transport control are possible in order for you to stay efficient and convenient in any kind of installation or PA/SR situations.

Supports SD memory cards (SDXC supported / 128GB maximum) USB flash memory CD (SS-CDR250N only)

Versatile SD card and USB flash memory devices are well-selected to play and record media. The SS-CDR250N also supports CD media. The SD card slot is compatible with SDXC type cards as well as SD / SDHC types. It complies with the SD card that contains up to 128GB memory.

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Manufacturer Part #:  SS-CDR250N
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