Nexo 45N-12, Nexo 45 Degree, 12" Wedge Monitor

SKU:  ae00-231413
Manufacturer Part #:  45N-12

NEXO 45N-12 High power 2-way dedicated floor monitor with a 3" HF voice coil a 1.4" throat and a 12" LF driver. Operational from 55Hz to 19kHz +=3dB peak SPL 140dB. 30° Horizontal (Scalable 30° steps when arrayed) 22.5° diagonal (coupling plane) and 60° vertical dispersion.  Black painted finish

The revolutionary NEXO 45°N Series is the world"™s first line monitor product line bringing all the benefits of line array technology to the stage.

Unlike a conventional high frequency waveguide in which the exit is rectangular the NEXO's waveguide forms a "˜smile"™ enabling cabinets to be linked together to form arrays with no interference between wavefronts. Now there"™s a single monitor reference covering the needs of all musicians scalable for wider coverage and higher SPLs.

The 45°N Series very high headroom before feedback and focusses coverage only where it"™s needed resulting in lower acoustic power on stage. SPL and frequency response is consistent up to 2.5 metres back.

An ingenious magnetic locking system joins multiple monitors together to form arrays. The compact low profile design is less conspicuous than conventional monitors (ideal for live TV production) and the 45N-12 features a non-slip base with a skid system and ergonomic handle for easy repositioning on stage.

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SKU:  ae00-231413^NEX 45N-12
Manufacturer Part #:  45N-12
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