PreSonus AIR15, 2-Way 15" 1200W Active Loudspeaker

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Manufacturer Part #:  AIR15

PreSonus AIR15 Powered 2-Way 15 inch 1200W Loudspeaker

Compact and lightweight AIR15 active loudspeakers provide a rich extended low-end and natural high-frequency extension in an enclosure that will easily fit in the backseat of a small car. Backed by 1 200W (dynamic) of Class D/Class AB power and enhanced with easy-to-use digital tuning functions the AIR15 gives you all the power and tools you need for both mobile and installed sound.

The best of two worlds.

Each type of power amplifier has advantages and disadvantages. By employing different amplifier types for each driver AIR15 loudspeakers use the respective strengths of Class D and Class A/B amplifiers to provide optimal response throughout the speaker"™s frequency range. A 500W (continuous) Class D amplifier powers the 15-inch low-frequency driver providing efficient clean power for gut-shaking low end when you need it. A 200W (continuous) Class A/B amplifier powers the 1.35-inch high-frequency driver delivering a natural sounding "AIR-y" high end. The combination can deliver up to 132 dB SPL of sweet clear sound between 40 Hz and 20 kHz.
  • Hybrid "best of both worlds" 1200W (dynamic) power amp configuration:
    • Low-frequency driver: 500W (continuous) Class D amplifier
    • High-frequency driver: 200W (continuous) Class A/B amplifier
    • Maximum SPL 132 dB peak
  • 1.35-inch high-frequency compression driver
  • 15-inch woofer with a 2.5-inch voice coil
  • 45 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • 132 dB SPL (max)
  • 90° x 60° (horizontal x vertical) dispersion pattern
  • Onboard mixer with two combo XLR and ¼" inputs and one summed balanced output

Fast and easy customization.

The AIR15 loudspeaker is equipped with an easy-to-use signal processor that makes it simple to customize your loudspeakers with the push of a button. Presets customize the AIR15's response for use as front-of-house mains; as monitor wedges; for music playback (e.g. for DJs); for enhanced low end and a warmer sound; and for improved speech intelligibility. Treble and bass controls let you boost or cut by 10 dB to compensate for room anomalies. Location presets let you optimize performance for stand and bracket mounting as well as flown installations.

Flexible inputs.

AIR-series full-range loudspeakers offer a choice of inputs so you can use them with a variety of sources. You get two combo XLR mic/TRS line inputs each with a Class A microphone preamplifier and independent gain control. A stereo 1/8" connection admits signals from smartphones tablets and other consumer audio devices. These signals can be combined with the AIR15's internal mixer and a balanced XLR Mix output lets you send pass the signals to other AIR-series loudspeakers.

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