Rode Microphones MiCon-3, MiCon adaptor compatible with Shure

SKU:  ae00-214648
Manufacturer Part #:  MICON-3

Rode Microphones MiCon-3 Adapter compatible with most Shure wireless.

The RODE MiConTM connector system provides seamless integration between the RODE HS1 headset PinMic and Lavalier microphones and a wide range of wireless systems. The MICON-3 is designed to connect to Shure transmitters UR1, UR1M, ULX1, SLX1, PGX1, and PG1. Shure and the Shure products listed are registered names and trademarks owned by Shure.

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Manufacturer:Rode Microphones, LLC


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SKU:  ae00-214648^ROD MiCon-3
Manufacturer Part #:  MICON-3
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