Nexo GEOM1025, NEXO GEOM, 10" Line Source Loudspeaker

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Manufacturer Part #:  GEOM1025

NEXO GEOM1025 Line array module. 2-way passive array cabinet with a 1.4" titanium diaphragm HF driver and 10" LF driver; 25° vertical dispersion with a horizontal dispersion of 80° (120° with optional magnetic flange) incorporating NEXO's Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource™ design and Directivity Phase Device™ optimized for curved vertical arrays. Operational from 59Hz to 20kHz. Black finish. 47lbs / 21kg

  • Line array element 2 way passive with 10” LF and 1.4” HF.The GE0 M10 speaker is a compact high-technology line array.
  • Compact line array element that can be stacked or flown with or without its companion sub the MSUB15.
  • Integrated rigging hardware with no loose part and AutoRigTM feature.
  • Available in Touring or Installation versions with custom colour options.  Incorporates latest NEXO patented technology from the flagship STM series.
  • Comprehensive range of versatile multifunction accessories for deploying the GEO M10 in a wide variety of applications.

The GEO M10 is a new addition to the GEO M range sharing the same aesthetic design and sonic signature as the other line array in the family while offering an unprecedented level of flexibility in all mid size applications.

Compact yet powerful

The GEO M10 is only 288mm x 531mm x 355mm (11.3” x 20.9” x 14.0”) and weighs 21 kg (47-lbs). Using latest-generation Neodymium drivers arrays of up to 12 boxes can be used in venues with audiences of up to 1000.

Advanced NEXO technology included

From speakers to waveguide GEO M10 is packed with important NEXO technical innovations. The HF uses our patented Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource (HRWTM) technology while the LF benefits from the patented Phase Directivity Device (PDDTM). The enclosure itself uses the same honeycomb structure and urethane co-polymer material as NEXO’s flagship STM Series while the bass port features an improved version of our patented V-shaped profile.

Precise matching directivity

The GEO M10 is available with two vertical disperisons; 12° for the GEO M1012 and 25° for the GEO M1025. The horizontal directivity is 80° by default for both modules but by adding an optional patented Configurable Directivity Device (CDDTM) it can be changed in seconds to 120°. And perfect coverage is achievable with a choice of 9 angles between boxes and our acclaimed simulation software: NS-1.

Installation and Touring versions

Further versatility is assured by the availability of two versions. The Touring version uses a magnetically fixed front steel grill with a back mesh. The integrated AutoRigTM system automatically connects the front rigging system when speakers are assembled with a guided back rigging system for easy angle adjustment. The connection plate uses NL4 connectors. The Installation version keeps the same acoustic design but comes with a fixed front steel grid covered by an acoutic cloth matching the look of the GEO M6. The rigging system uses safety nuts and the connectivity is made through cable gland and captive two core cables. Both versions are available in black white or custom colours on request.

Perfect phase aligment

The GEO M10 shares the same phase response than other NEXO speakers making it extremely easy to mix with other NEXO systems e.g for side fill or front fill or when used with any NEXO subs without risk of comb filtering or requiring complex electronic adjustment.

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SKU:  ae00-231427^NEX GEOM1025
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