Nexo GEOM6B, NEXO GEOM, 6" LF Extension, Passive

SKU:  ae00-231441
Manufacturer Part #:  GEOM6B

NEXO GEOM6B Low frequency extension module with a 6.5" driver. Operational from 75Hz to 120Hz +-3dB. Nominal impedance: 8ohm  peak SPL 125dB. Available in Black or White.

The GEO M6B is a low and mid-frequency partner module to the GEO M620 for applications which demand more powerful reinforcement such as live music. With one 6.5" 8ohm long-excursion driver the M6B weighs just 16.76 lbs. (7.6 kgs) and shares the same physical footprint as the M620 allowing the cabinets to be arrayed together in the same column. Featuring a flare-shaped port tube to increase low frequency efficiency and linearity at high power the M6B offers a usable range @-6dB of 70Hz-1kHz.  

Powerful flexible and compact NEXO GEO M6 delivers uncompromised full-range sound in a wide variety of fixed installations and mobile applications.

The visual impact of GEO M6 is subtle thanks to compact design an elegant internal rigging system and custom colour options. Comprising two identically-sized cabinets the GEO M620 main and GEO M6B bass extension and complemented by a comprehensive range of mounting accessories GEO M6 offers installation contractors and sound rental companies a dependable TœV-certified system with an important difference: legendary NEXO performance.

Systems can be flown groundstacked or pole-mounted on subs. Lightweight polyurethane composite cabinets measure just 191mm high x 373mm wide x 260mm deep. Cabinets fabric grilles and accessories can be specified in any RAL colour.

The versatility of the GEO M6 system extends to a highly cost-effective amplification solution. A single NXAMP the smallest of NEXO's powered TDControllers "“ can power up to 12x GEO M6 cabinets. And with channel-by-channel preset selection for all NEXO cabinets and linear phase on all set-ups it's easy to integrate subbass cabinets such as the NEXO LS600 into a single amplifier solution.

Larger networks of NXAMPs can be monitored using the NEXO's NeMo Remote Monitoring App available free for iPad® and iPhone®.


GEO M6 utilizes NEXO's patented Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource (HRW) to control acoustic energy by creating a virtual wavesource 'outside the box' resulting in optimal wavesource coupling without destructive interference.


System flexibility can be increased by adding flanges to the HF waveguide exit changing the standard 80° acoustic coverage across the horizontal plane to 120°.


A Directivity Phase Device (DPD) on each cone driver extends the upper frequency limit for file source coupling between adjacent speakers. 6.5" drivers coherently couple as if there were twice as many 3.25" cones mounted at half the physical distance.


Internal faces of the port tube are profiled to ensure smooth air flow reducing turbulence to increase low frequency efficiency and linearity at high power.

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SKU:  ae00-231441^NEX GEOM6B
Manufacturer Part #:  GEOM6B
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