Sennheiser MMD 835-1 BK, 502575, Microphone module, dynamic, cardioid, black

SKU:  ae00-216450
Manufacturer Part #:  502575

Sennheiser MMD 835-1 BK Microphone module dynamic cardioid for SKM 100/300/500 G3 G4 SKM 2000/6000/9000 SKM D1/AVX SL Handheld DW black

Designed for use with the ew G4 and ew G3 hand-held radio microphones the microphone heads of the MMD 800 microphone head series have the same excellent acoustic properties as the wired e800 series microphones.

The MMD 835’s balanced frequency response maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. The microphone head has a high sound pressure handling capability.

The MMD 845 has a smooth warm tonal response and full dynamic range. The presence boost ensures vocal clarity and projection.

The sound of the MME 865 has excellent clarity and projection. The microphone head is specially designed for vocal and speech applications.

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SKU:  ae00-216450^SEN MMD 835-1 BK
Manufacturer Part #:  502575
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