Ace Backstag 122SLBK, Full Pocket/Standard Lid - Black

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Manufacturer Part #:  122SLBK

ACE Backstage Full Pocket Floor Box with Standard Lid - Black

Ace Backstage products are very specialized and come in many configurations. Our in-house specialist is Bill Evans at our Charlotte showroom. We encourage customers to talk with Bill to make sure you are ordering the correct items needed for installs. Please contact Bill and SE Systems at 1-800-662-1312 for advice and help with Ace Backstage Products. Click for Ace Backstage Website

ACE BACKSTAGE CO. INC. large-sized Stage Pocket the Full Stage Pocket is a standard general use vertical slant panel flush stage pocket. The Full Stage Pocket is made of heavy duty steel and may be used to conceal audio communications control data electric AC power switches video and voice connections etc. below the floor surface for easy access and to prevent connector damage. The Full Stage Pocket has a larger capacity inter-changeable panel system which permits easy custom connector/panel configurations.

The Full Stage Pocket has the panel capacity for either:

  • (2) #PNL-100 Series CONNECTRIX Panels or
  • (2) #PSW-100 Series Switchcraft® Panels or
  • (2) #PE Series Single Gang Electric Duplex Switch Box Panels or
  • (1) #PNL-120 Series CONNECTRIX Panel

The Full Stage Pocket has the connector capacity for either:

  • (12) CONNECTRIX Connectors or
  • (12) Neutrik® Connectors or
  • (12) Switchcraft® Connectors or
  • (6) CONNECTRIX Neutrik® or Switchcraft® Connectors and (1) #PE Electric Duplex Switch Box

LARGE CAPACITY: The Full Stage Pocket accomodates #PNL-100 Series Panels #PSW-100 Series Panels #PNL-120 Series Panels and #PE Series Panels in an interchangeable multi-panel system making for easy custom configurations. Two (2) optional #PNL-100 Series Panels or one (1) optional #PNL-120 Series Panel will mount up to 12 CONNECTRIX Neutirk® and/or Switchcraft® type connectors*. Two (2) optional #PSW-100 Series Panels will mount up to 12 Switchcraft® type connectors.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Welded steel construction of Full Stage Pocket Lid Mounting Flange and Pocket Body resist bending under even the most severe stage loads. The Lid and Mounting Flange is made from 1/8" (nominally 11 ga. (.120") CRS) thick steel while the Pocket Body is made from 16 ga. (.062") thick CRS steel.

SPRING LOADED HINGE PINS: Removable spring loaded hinge pins permit easy exchange of lids for Carpet Lid (CL) Locking Lid (LL) Standard Lid (SL) and custom application lids.

CABLE WAY SLOTS: Generous 3/8" x 8" Cable Way Slots permit easy cable exit from pocket(s) even for large gauge cables. A Cable Way Slot Closure channel closes the slot when not in use.

Manufacturer:Ace Backstage Co., Inc.


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SKU:  ae00-157284^ACE 122SLBK
Manufacturer Part #:  122SLBK
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