Electrovoice F01U280468 2 diaphragm replaces 81161XX

SKU:  ae00-163749
Manufacturer Part #:  EVI F01U280468

Electrovoice F01U280468 2” diaphragm replaces 81161XX for Electro-Voice DH2A and DH2T high frequency 8ohm drivers

Electro Voice Factory Speaker Replacement Horn Diaphragm DH2 DH2A MTH-1 T251

Fits EV: 81161XX DH2 DH-2 DH2/AS1 DH2/AS2 DH2A DH-2A DH2AMT DH-2AMT DH2T8 DH2T-8 DH1506 (2") DH-1506 (2") N/DYM4-8 832-0688 832-2527 832-2399 832-2499 832-2396. 832-2349 832-1527 832-1685 832-1721 832-9791 834-2780 834-2983 834-3399 834-2680 835-2573 835-2811 BIPLEX M DMS-1122/85PF DMS-1152/64P DTS-640 FRI-122/64 FRI-122/85 FR-152/64 FRI-152/85 FRX122 FRX640 FRX660 FRX940 FRX+640 FRX+660 FRX+940 MH640AC MH940C MH940P MTH-1 MTH-4 MTH-4P MTH-4F MTH-48F MTH-4AC MTH-4ACF MTH-4AP MTH-4APF MTH-4/42BPF MTH-4/64BPF MTH-4.5/64BP MTH-4.5/42BPF PI640C PI660C PI940C PI6415 PI6615 SX320PIX SX500+ SX-500+ SX500G+ SX500PI+ SX600PIX T221 T221M T251 T251+ T251i T252 T252+ TS992E TS992ELX TS-992-LX TS992-M VARIPLEX VARIPLEX B VARIPLEX M F.01U.280.468 and many more!

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Model:EVI F01U280468


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SKU:  ae00-163749^EVI F.01U.280.468
Manufacturer Part #:  EVI F01U280468
Weight:  1.00
Price: $230.00

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