DataVideo DAC9P, HDMI to HD/SD-SDI Converter with embedded audio.

SKU:  ae00-173689
Manufacturer Part #:  DAC9P

DataVideo DAC9P HDMI to HD/SD-SDI Converter with embedded audio. It supports 1080p video resolution. Rack mount kit available. It fits 8x DAC- 9P in a 2RU 19" rack mount.

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Many new High Definition camcorders and devices provide HDMI as the only High Definition output option. Datavideo's DAC-9P allows users to connect HDMI devices to professional SDI equipment like video switchers or recorders up to 200 meters away.

HDMI is not suitable for long cable runs but using a Datavideo DAC-9P users can convert HDMI to High Definition & Standard Definition SDI and take advantage of the high quality and affordable connectivity that SDI cables offer. The DAC-9P even embeds the audio from HDMI into the SDI signal so only one single low cost cable is needed.
  • Input: 1 X HDMI
  • Output: 2 x SDI (HD / SD SDI)
  • Enables long cable runs
  • Rugged case design
  • Audio can be embedded within SDI output signal
  • PAL / NTSC Compatible
  • Tripod Mount via Velcro straps (Supplied)
  • DC 12V Operation
  • Video output format is the same as the input format so "what goes in comes out"
  • Video input formats:
    • 1080P59.94 1080P60 1080P50 1080P30 1080P29.97 1080P25 1080P24 1080P23 98
    • 1080i60 1080i59 94 1080i50
    • 720P59 94 720P60 720P50
    • 525i 625i

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SKU:  ae00-173689^DAV DAC9P
Manufacturer Part #:  DAC9P
Weight:  3.00
Price: $329.00

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