Gator Cases GFW-ID-MIC, Frameworks ID Series adjustable tripod mic stand with boom

SKU:  ae00-178174
Manufacturer Part #:  GFW-ID-MIC

Gator GFW-ID-MIC Frameworks ID Series adjustable tripod style mic stand with telescoping boom

COLLAPSIBLE TRIPOD BASE: Extra-wide tripod feet provide a secure stable platform. When you are not using your stands conveniently fold and collapse the feet into a compact unit ready for transport or storage.

SAFETY FEET: The matte red safety feet add a touch of visibility to these otherwise sleek stands to reduce the risk of tripping or toppling over in a dark room or venue.

SOFT-GRIP HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Grab the soft-grip ergonomic twist clutch and easily adjust the height with a simple quarter-turn. The convenient shape and texture provide the perfect grip for the active user or if you are sharing the mic with a guest.

CAM LEVERS: The easy close CAM levers on the patented telescoping boom arm allow you to quickly flip them open slide the arm to the perfect length and snap down to lock it all in place.

TELESCOPING BOOM: The patented telescoping boom arm expands up to 26″. Once the boom is set in place a unique swivel grip allows you to rotate the microphone from the opposite end which is great for last minute adjustments when using an overhead microphone.

CABLE MANAGEMENT: Removable and adjustable cable management clips keep your setup clean organized and safe.

TRIPOD LOCK: The specialized cam lock at the base of the stand collapses the feet for easy breakdown and compact storage in a sleek cylindrical design.

  • Neatly Folds into Cylinder Shape
  • Easy One Handed CAM Operation
  • 26" Telescoping Boom
  • Boom Adjusts with Easy Close CAMs
  • Cable Management
  • Secure Tripod Base Design
  • Patented Boom Design

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Manufacturer:Gator Cases


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SKU:  ae00-178174^GAT GFW-ID-MIC
Manufacturer Part #:  GFW-ID-MIC
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