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AKG WMS40MINI Vocal Set BD US25A Plug & play wireless microphone system including SR40 mini single channel receiver 1x HT40 mini handheld transmitter SMPS switched mode power supply (EU/US/UK/AU) 1x AA battery Frequency 25A 537.500MHz

SMALL SIZE - BIG SOUND for houses of worship hotels gyms and band applications

The WMS40 Mini wireless microphone system provides crystal clear sound and is a true plug'n'play solution. “Up and running” in a second it is the optimum wireless solution for small stages clubs places of worship hotels and gyms. The system is available in different application optimized set packages all of which includes a universal switched mode power supply for worldwide operation.

The WMS40 Mini system stands out for its extremely long battery life of 30 hours with a single AA battery which helps saving money in the long run.

The WMS40 Mini Single Vocal Set is a true plug’n’play wireless solution providing crystal clear audio sound. The included HT40 Mini handheld transmitter features a dynamic cardioid capsule for maximum gain before feedback. It's extremely long battery life of 30 hours off a single AA battery saves money in day-to-day use. The receiver comes in an ultra compact housing and offers a 1/4" jack output.

The WMS40 Mini system’s new frequency options include US25A 537.500 MHz US25B 537.900 MHz US25C 539.300 MHz US25D 540.400 MHz.

The dual-band WMS40 Mini2 meanwhile addresses the combined frequency bands US25A/C and US25B/D.

The WMS40 Mini Single Vocal Set package includes:

  • 1 x SR40 Mini receiver
  • 1 x HT40 Mini handheld transmitter
  • 1 x Universal power supply with EU/UK/US/AU adapter

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SKU:  ae00-180708^AKG WMS40MINI Vocal Set BD US25A
Manufacturer Part #:  3347X00110
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