RF Venue COMB8CPB, 4 channel IEM transmitter combiner Kit

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RF Venue COMB8CPB RF Venue 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack

Turnkey bundle for up to 8 channels of in-ear monitors

The RF Venue 8 Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack contains the CP Beam Helical Antenna a 25 foot low loss RG8X Coaxial Cable and the COMBINE8 in-ear monitor combiner.

The effortless way to improve your wireless In-Ear Monitor (IEM) system is to run it like a pro by using a transmitter combiner driving a helical antenna. Just check any professional stage.

Combining IEMs together on one antenna always works better than using multiple antennas which can interfere with each other and cause serious RF and audio signal problems. A helical antenna unlike a whip or paddle antenna also removes polarization fades which is the leading cause of signal dropouts.

Introducing the 8 channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack from RF Venue. A complete system engineered to work together to combine up to 8 IEM transmitters of any brand into a single helical antenna. The CP Beam helical antenna also steps up an IEM system’s transmitting power by nearly 8X focusing the signal directly on your performers and not scattering the signal where it isn’t needed. This allows you to use the lowest possible setting of your transmitter’s output power which greatly reduces intermodulation interference to both your wireless mics and your IEMs. An extra benefit that improves RF signal and audio quality!

The 8 Channel IEM Upgrade Pack is designed to work with all brands of IEM systems and maximize performance at low power settings 50 milliwatts or lower.

About the CP Beam Antenna

The CP Beam™ Antenna is a lightweight circularly polarized beam antenna that doesn’t drop out and is designed to ensure a consistent signal with in-ear monitors (IEMs) wireless microphone systems and other UHF communication devices.

The CP Beam is easy to set up and transport – fitting in a 3RU rack drawer and weighing just 2.5 lbs – and compresses for easy storage (see the before and after compression). Unlike other bulky helical antennas that require flight cases the CP Beam is quickly deployed and stowed.

About the COMBINE8

The COMBINE8 IEM combiner brings together up to eight in-ear monitor transmitter signals into a single rear panel mounted antenna connector.

Any brand IEM set to transmit 50 mW or less may be used as well as any type of directional antenna. It also provides DC power to up to 8 IEM transmitters with an external power supply removing the need for wall warts.

IEM transmitter combination is important for multi-channel systems to minimize intermodulation artifacts arising from multiple adjacent transmitters interfering with one another.

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