Audix M1280B, MIC, COND, MICRO, 12mm CARD, 25' CBL,

SKU:  ae00-160527
Manufacturer Part #:  M1280B

Audix M1280B Wide frequency response micro condenser microphone with integrated preamp and RFI Immunity. Includes 25' cable clip and windscreen. Requires 18-48 V phantom power. Black.

The M1280B a miniaturized condenser microphone with a fully integrated preamp and detachable cable has complete immunity from RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices. The M1280B condenser microphone is equipped with a cardioid capsule and is also available with hypercardioid omnidirectional or shotgun capsules. The M1280B has a very wide frequency response and may be used in a wide variety of live studio and broadcast applications.

The M1280B miniaturized condenser microphone is available with a wide array of clips and accessories allowing the microphone to be used for drums percussion musical instruments overhead stage miking podiums conferences and presentations.

Also available in white.


    • Overhead mic for choir group vocal
    • Ambient room miking
    • Acoustic instruments
    • Symphonic area miking
    • Speech / Presentation
    • Cymbals / Percussion

    What's In The Box

    • 1 x M1280B Miniaturized Condenser Microphone
    • 1 x CBLM25 25' Cable With Mini-XLRf - XLRm Connectors
    • 1 x MCMICRO Microphone Stand Adapter
    • 1 x MCHANGER Hanging Clip
    • 1 x WS1218 External Windscreen

    With the creation of The Micros™ Audix redefined miniaturized condenser technology. Inspired by the possibilities of the highest performance in the smallest of size Audix undertook a monumental task by using the proven circuit of our award winning SCX Series and microphone topology to design the world’s smallest fully integrated condenser mic. With fully imbedded electronics The Micros™ offer a balanced signal detachable cable very low self-noise high dynamic range and RF immunity. The end result is phenomenal sound.

    The Micros™ feature a tailored frequency response and three application specific levels of sensitivity: the standard output M1250B the lower output M44 for drum miking and high output M1255B for distance miking. The M1280B offers the widest frequency range of the all The Micros™ and is best suited for field recording and musical instrument miking.

    The MicroBoom™ is a portable lightweight carbon fiber boom arm available in three lengths that utilizes either the M1250B or M1255B. It has virtually revolutionized choir miking by offering an alternative to hanging choir mics and providing much needed portability for schools and churches. The versatility of The Micros™ series is further demonstrated by our MicroPod™ Series of gooseneck mics offering three sizes of gooseneck utilizing the detachable M1250B.

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    Manufacturer:Audix Corporation


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    SKU:  ae00-160527^AUD M1280B
    Manufacturer Part #:  M1280B
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