Fulcrum CSP118, 18 inch Portable Subcardioid Subwoofer,

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Manufacturer Part #:  CSP118

Fulcrum Cardioid Subwoofers are designed with proprietary Passive Cardioid Technology™ to eliminate excessive rear radiation by up to 10db without the extra cost space requirements and inconvenience of active cardioid subwoofer systems. Their subcardioid behavior is produced by a meticulously conceived acoustical circuit which balances the position of the low frequency driver the enclosure depth and volume and specially constructed rear-mounted ports which include a calibrated resistive element.

By opting for a subcardioid pattern as opposed to a pure hyper or super cardioid pattern the rear rejection increases when the modules are deployed in a subwoofer array. Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ™ processing is an integral part of the Cardioid Subwoofers’ design. Sound innovative acoustical design combined with state of the art digital processing leads to exceptional clarity and precise transient response even at very high sound pressure levels.

Our Cardioid Subwoofers are intended for permanent installation or portable applications in a wide range of venues including performing arts centers houses of worship sporting facilities and nightclubs.

CS118 18 inch Subcardioid Subwoofer

The CS118 incorporates Fulcrum’s proprietary Passive Cardioid Technology™ to overcome one of the major challenges of many loudspeakers: excessive rear LF radiation. Unlike active cardioid loudspeakers Fulcrum’s passive cardioid technology does not require an additional amplifier channel or additional transducer to achieve its impressive low frequency directional control: 10 dB of rear rejection over the subwoofer’s operating range.

  • Operating Mode: Single-amplified w/ DSP
  • Operating Range: 29 Hz to 137 Hz
  • LF Transducer: 18.0″ woofer 4.0″ voice coil; ceramic magnet
  • Power Handling @ Nominal Impedance: 1200 W @ 8 Ω
  • Equalized Maximum SPL (peak / continuous): 136 dB / 130 dB (half space)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 756 x 624 x 762 mm / 29.8 x 24.6 x 30.0 in
  • Weight: 54.4 kg / 120.0 lb

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SKU:  ae00-177327^FUL CSP118
Manufacturer Part #:  CSP118
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