Sennheiser EM 6000 DANTE, 508475, 2-channel digital receive

SKU:  ae00-216000
Manufacturer Part #:  508475

Sennheiser EM 6000 DANTE US 2-channel digital receiver True-Bit-Diversity LR mode Dante AES-3 active antenna splitter AES 256

Digital 2-channel receiver for live productions and transmissions even in the toughest environments. Huge spectral efficiency with equidistant frequency grid and true bit diversity. Analog and digital outputs (XLR jack AES-3 redundant Dante™) high-contrast OLED display with LQI indicator.

Higher channel density with maximum signal reliability at the same time: Digital 6000 is intermodulation-free and assures through its equidistant frequency grid excellent spectral efficiency and the simplest frequency configuration– even in the toughest frequency environments where other systems already fail. Error correction and audio error masking recognize and fix problems long before they even become audible. When it comes to setup and the user interface the EM 6000 stands out for clarity relevance and short pathways.

Digital 6000 can be seamlessly integrated into existing digital or analog infrastructures. The EM 6000 receiver has a digital AES-3 output with word clock inputs and outputs high-quality transformer-balanced analog XLR and 6.3 mm jack outputs as well as a 6.3 mm headphone output. The Dante™ version with an Audinate Brooklyn ll card additionally offers two Amphenol RJ-45 connectors for integrating the receiver into a Dante™ network for redundant networks or daisy chain cabling.

Whether we’re talking about reducing information down to the really meaningful key values or smart menus on a high-contrast OLED display every operating element is a result of practical experience and designed for practical use. All the vital parameters are summarized in one view. Important functions can be reached directly via home screens without long navigation paths. The auto-setup enables scanning and frequency distribution to all connected devices directly via the receiver; naturally Digital 6000 can also be monitored and configured via the Wireless System Manager (WSM).

The EM 6000 is compatible with UHF Sennheiser antenna systems.

  • 19’’ 2-Channel receiver 19 inch 1RU

  • Large 244 MHz switching bandwidth

  • Legendary Long Range mode (LR) with proprietary audio codec (SeDAC) from the masterpiece Digital 9000

  • True bit diversity utilizes both receiver paths combines their information content to provide the best possible signal

  • Equidistant frequency grid for maximum channel density and simplest setup

  • 32 superior quality RF pre-selection filters for optimal suppression of interference signals at antenna input

  • Error correction and audio error masking

  • AES-256 encryption

  • Automatic frequency setup

  • Digital and transformer balanced analog outputs XLR 6.3 mm jack AES-3 EM 6000 Dante with Brooklyn II Card and Amphenol RJ-45

  • Integrated antenna splitter for cascading of up to 8 systems

  • one high-quality OLED display per channel

  • Link Quality Indicator (LQI)

  • Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) compatible

  • Compatible with standard Sennheiser UHF antennas

  • Compatible with Digital 9000 transmitters in Long Range mode

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SKU:  ae00-216000^SEN EM 6000 DANTE
Manufacturer Part #:  508475
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