Ashly CA 502, High Efficiency Power Amplifier 2 x 500W

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Manufacturer Part #:  CA 502

Ashly CA 502 Power Amplifier 2 x 500W @ 4 Ohms 250W @ 8 Ohms 1000W bridged 70V

“State-of-the art” is an overused term when it comes to amplifier technology. With our CA Series we achieved it by starting from scratch instead of just adding a few improvements to an existing model. We took advantage of components that didn’t even exist a couple of years ago. We figured out how to boost efficiency speed up switching and stay extra cool without gale force fans. We created the most efficient high-wattage amplifier yet.

Available in 2 & 4-channel configurations with 500W 1 000W or 1 500W per channel there’s aCAthat’s right for your project.CAamps are designed to excel in Performance Installations such as theaters school auditoriums and Houses of Worship. Power-hungry sub-woofers? No problem.CAdoes 2 Ohms lying down.

However with 70 & 100V direct-drive capability and more integration-friendly features than you’d typically find on many amplifiers they are also right at home in commercial installations. Push them hard. They can take it.

CAamps can drive longer and louder than amps twice their rated power and cost. Powerful. Clean. Reliable.

Showtime. You power up 12 000 watts of amplifiers. OOPS! Popped the breaker on the only 20-amp line in this side of the building.

Traditionally big amps have been gluttons for more juice than one 20A line can put out.

Ashly’s all-new proprietary D-MAX technology brings together smart cutting-edge amplifier design a brand-new ultra-fast switching power supply with silicon dioxide semiconductors and diodes and intelligent power management to deliver ultimate efficiency. You can operate two of CA 1.54s (6 000W total each) on a single 20-amp service! That’s higher efficiency than any other currently available amp we’ve tested! As this chart shows Two of our leading competitor’s amps exceeds 20 amps…while providing LESS power to speakers than our CA-1.54!

And along with increased efficiency DPFC allows LEEDs qualification.

Power amplifiers need cooling. In most amps heat-reducing air flow takes a convoluted path in and around internal components. Front to back back-to-front-side-to-side…those nice perforated grilles look simple…until you look inside the amp and see the helter-skelter air flow (see drawing below left)

We didn’t want cooling air to just wander around inside the CA chassis so we came up with our unique SailFlow™ architecture (right drawing below). It directs internal airflow strictly over the areas that generate the most heat rather than arbitrarily over the whole amp. This keeps the already highly efficient CA Series even cooler and assures reliable stable operation even under heavy loads.

For performance spaces the CA Series can push hard and keep on pushing. Play it loud? No problem. Big subs? Bring ‘em on! CA can take it down to 2 Ohms without missing a beat (and without a drop- off in power). Run up to SIXTEEN 8-ohm loudspeakers from a single 4-channel CA amplifier.In commercial installations CA can deliver 70V and 100V power with no reconfiguration required. And choice of both XLR and Euroblock connectivity make the CA at home just about anywhere.

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Model:CA 502
Manufacturer:Ashly Audio, Inc.


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