Furman Pro PS-REL, 120V AC Relay Accessory, 3-Pole, 6Ft Cord

SKU:  ae00-167149
Manufacturer Part #:  PS-REL
Furman PS-REL Remote Relay Trigger The PS-REL AC Relay provides an alternate way of closing switch contacts. Instead of being operated manually like the RS-1 it is a relay that detects the presence of AC power and in response closes relay contacts that are wired to a terminal strip. It may be used with any of the Furman products mentioned in connection with the RS-1. A PS-REL is useful in determining when a certain outlet has come on after a sequenced delay to extend that outlet's capacity. It may also be used to extend the capacity of the switched outlet found on many home theater receiver/amps. In this way a wireless remote can turn on the receiver which in turn powers its switched outlet which triggers the PS-REL which then activates a Furman PS-8R or PS-PRO Power Sequencer MiniPort or PowerPort system capable of switching many large power amps or other power-hungry equipment in multiple locations.

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SKU:  ae00-167149^FUR PS-REL
Manufacturer Part #:  PS-REL
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